Spike in bike thefts in Southport

Spike in bike thefts in Southport

Bike thefts have spiked this week with yet another report of teenagers being assaulted as they have their bikes stolen.

A group of young boys were set upon outside the Tesco Express on Eastbank Street last night by two unknown males who made off with expensive bikes following the attack.

A frantic town wide search has been launched for the bikes but as yet they have not turned up.


However Merseyside Police have arrested two individuals they believe may have information relating to the thefts.

They were arrested on separate drug charges.

The bikes have been described as both of a mountain type variety, each with distinctive colourings and markings.

One is bright fluorescent green and black while the other has an orange motif.

If you know there whereabouts of the two bikes or have any information call Merseyside Police on 101.