Spar Churchtown insist there’s ‘Neigh’ queue jumping

Customers at the busy Spar supermarket in Churchtown were told to reign it in and wait in line this weekend before getting their essentials.

While many find themselves queueing up due to social distancing, one customer at the Spar Supermarket on Roe Lane was left more than baffled when trying to visit their local shop.

Desmond Finain sent this photo into OTS News as a tongue in cheek faux ‘complaint’ when he was greeted with the unusual sight as he tried to enter the Spar.

He was met with a patient and calm horse and rider stood outside the store.

Des said “In these depressing times I certainly cracked a smile at this.

“I said to myself they’re taking social distancing a bit too far now! Especially if I have to queue up behind a horse.

“I’ve seen Both the rider and their horse around the area lots of times and it is the most well behaved, calm and wonderful animal. I wonder what it wanted!”