International tourism and leisure expert, Norman Wallis, welcomed a University of Leipzig delegation of 17 masters degree students and their professor at one of the region’s biggest family visitor attractions on Thursday (12th September at 9.30am).

During the morning Mr Wallis shared insights about the consumer appetite for amusements and entertainment trends as well as host a detailed Q&A with the students who were in the UK to find out more about the visitor economy.

Leipzig University, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, is one of the world’s oldest universities and the second-oldest in Germany.  The students, who are studying Economics and Social Geography, were visiting Liverpool (and Sefton) and Manchester to understand tourism and its impacts on the economy in the area.

The University approached Mr Wallis to gain his expert insights into the region, its tourism economy and Southport Pleasureland’s role and relevance for the town from its first appearance 100 years ago to today.

Mr Wallis, whose family has a seven-generation history with attractions, talked about the park’s story in the context of the students’ syllabus, including how its development was driven and how it has changed and evolved to suit 21st century visitors. The presentation wasfollowed by a tour of the park.

Sefton Council’s head of economic growth and housing, Stuart Barnes also addressed the delegation during the morning.

The delegation from the University of Leipzig with park owner Norman Wallis immediate right of tower and park general manager Neil Mason next right and Stuart Barnes, Sefton Council’s head of economic growth and housing, far right.