Southport taxi fares – these are the FACTS

Due to recent media speculation and conjecture, a spokesperson from Central Cabs has contacted us to set out the facts and evidence of current taxi charges in the Southport area and surrounding borough.

“We enclose not only our own fare chart but also that of All Whites Taxis, both of which should be in the public domain, according to Taxi Licensing Laws.”

“Following is a list of comparable weekend fares, Friday 7pm to Monday”


                                                                                   Central            All White

Town Centre to Birkdale  average 1.4 miles                     £3.50                £3.80

Town Centre to Ainsdale average 4.0 miles                     £6.75                 £7.20

Town Centre to Formby average 8.0 miles                       £11.75              £12.40

Town Centre to Churchtown average 3.0 miles                 £5.50               £5.90

Town Centre to Crossens average 4.0 miles                     £6.75                £7.20

Town Centre to Banks average 6 miles                             £9.25               £9.80

Town Centre to St. Lukes average 1 miles                        £3.00               £3.30

Town Centre to High Park average 2.2 miles                    £4.50                £4.80

Town Centre to Ormskirk average 7 miles                        £10.50              £11.10  

Town Centre to Tarleton average 9.6 miles                      £13.75              £14.50

Meter starting rate                                                         £1.60                £1.80

“We would also like to explain that the supposed 10p fare increase is a further levy on the drivers, payable in addition to their rent for each completed job, and not to be construed as the only increase in fares as the figures above show.”

Moving on to the Night Rate comparison, although the rates are very similar, we can see that All Whites starts at £2.20 whereas Central starts at £2.00 to cover the initial hire.

Furthermore a 1 mile journey would cost :      Central                All White

                                                                    £3.50                     £3.70

                        2 miles :                                £5.20                     £5.30

                       3 miles :                                 £6.90                     £6.90

We must also address All Whites weekday rate, Monday to Friday 7pm in comparison to ours. Here we can see that All Whites starting rate is £1.50 and Centrals is £1.60.

Here, All Whites are cheaper for the first mile but this difference diminishes as the journey progresses to become on a par with Centrals fares.

In, conclusion, the evidence is that on aggregate, Central Cabs is cheaper to use than All White Taxis.

It is therefore improper that All White continue to allow their adverts to appear on social media stating “Cheaper by Miles”, “Lowest fares in town”, and “Why pay more”.

We feel that these adverts are misleading the public and creating unfair competition to ourselves and others.