MP Damien Moore is urging people to dispose of their face masks responsibly.

The Conservative MP for Southport said he has been contacted by dozens of local residents, appalled at seeing discarded masks lying on the floor across the area.

Southport and the rest of the Liverpool City Region is today under new Tier Three restrictions, following a sharp rise in positive Covid-19 tests and hospital admissions in the Merseyside area.

Mr Moore said: “Wearing masks and face coverings in certain areas is playing a vital part in keeping ourselves and others safe from Coronavirus.

“The vast majority of people have been following the new rules on face coverings and I thank them for doing so, and for disposing of their masks properly.

“Unfortunately, I have been informed of masks thrown away on pavements outside supermarkets; around bus stops; in parks; and on our sea front.

“Whilst we are all likely to need to wear masks for the foreseeable future, we equally don’t want to see these masks polluting our environment.

“I would remind residents in Southport to please dispose of your face coverings responsibly and use the bins provided.”