Southport Indoor Market

Southport Indoor Market has come under fire from previous traders who say they had no choice but to give up their stalls within the first twelve months.

Traders, including a Butchers,Dutch Pancake Kitchen and Soap Maker and a  all owned stalls in the newly refurbished market but now say they made a tough decision to leave.

One ex-trader told OTS News who wishes to remain anonymous said: “The high rates and a lack of proper signage directing footfall to the King Street site.

“The weekly outdoor market which the council has recently introduced is killing trade, shoppers don’t even know we are here!”

“I feel for the traders who still here trying to earn crust!”


A spokesman for Sefton Council said: ”A small number of ex-traders have made some allegations about the running of the market and we are always willing to discuss any genuine concerns with them.

The award winning Southport Indoor Market is currently operating at a 65% capacity.