Southport gets bigger and better Nature’s Remedies

Nature’s Remedies in Southport has moved to bigger premises to create a new, spacious environment.

Owner Carol Henshaw had to move when the lease was up on the shop’s old premises and the landlord wanted to sell. But it turned out to be a positive situation. “We are only 60 yards diagonally across the road,” says Henshaw. “I feel I have to stay on the same street as there’s been a health food shop here for 50-odd years. It’s a lovely size shop and it’s got a beautiful marble floor. It’s also now on the sunny side of the street, where there’s a Victorian canopy along the shops.

The new store has a clean, white look and is about double the size of the old one, which has been a big plus. “The old shop was crammed from floor to ceiling and it was a real Aladdin’s cave. It wasn’t really browsable because there was so much, so it’s just really nice to spread out. There is also a single bay window and a large double bay window which is lovely for window dressing.”

The move has also provided Henshaw with the opportunity to create a treatment room at the back of the store as well as increase her product lines. I immediately expanded the Natura Siberica range and got in the new Greens Organic food supplements, and I’m going to increase my gift category with some lovely salt lamps and crystals.”

Henshaw says the store already feels busier and is receiving very good customer feedback. “Some can’t believe that we have been over the road for five years and they never realized. They say they can’t miss us now. Customers are saying they like the layout of the store and I’m getting used to it now. I feel like I’m getting there but there’s still a lot to do.”

The store also has a permanent sampling station and space for evening talks, which are something Henshaw is looking do in the future.

Henshaw adds: “I’m keeping everything crossed, always thinking of new ways to advertise and promote the business, and just hope that this new chapter in the life of Nature’s Remedies is a best seller!”


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