A Southport father left enraged that VUE cinema offers no concession to autistic son

A Southport father who wishes to remain anonymous said: “Myself and my two sons went to watch a film this morning at VUE cinema in Southport. My youngest one is 5-years-old has he is autistic. He’s been diagnosed as being autistic for the past 2 years and access loads of activities without any problem.

“I took them this morning to watch a film and had paper work to prove he’s on DLA but still they would not accept that proof as they want me to have a card for him.

“I explained its never been an issue and I have the paperwork from Department of Work and Pension to back it up. They would not have any of it. I was enraged, its half term and he can’t access the cinema.

“It was a day out that I planned and as an autistic child gets in to the mind set that they will be doing an activity and then to not do it does stress them out. Yes I could have paid but it’s not the point”

“They wanted payment and I refused to pay so I walked out. I’ve been a support worker for 6 yrs and taken clients to the cinema loads and never came across this kind of behaviour. I even took it up with the manager and she turned me away. Even though I had paper work to prove he’s autistic, If you have lost your card they can still search on your post code via the till. But still they won’t have that”.

OTSnews tried to contact the cinema but no one was available to make a comment.


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