Southport BID was not ‘tasked’ to deal with the Lord Street resurfacing works

Bosses at the Southport BID have has released a statement to OTS News to respond to comments by Cllr David Barton on the resurfacing of Lord Street, saying that what he has stated is wrong.

The BID also say Cllr Barton has repeatedly shyed away from accepting numerous invites to meet with the BID.

Hugh Evans of the Southport BID stated:” Cllr David Barton’s comments on the BID’s involvement with the resurfacing of Lord Street are simply wrong and misinformed.

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The BID was not ‘tasked’, as he says, to deal with the resurfacing works.

“He, as an elected Councillor for Sefton Council, should well know that the responsibility for resurfacing lies with Sefton Council’s Highways Department.

“Following meetings with the Highways team we’ve been assured that provided the resurfacing starts on schedule disruption will be kept to a minimum and that all works will be completed by the end of October.

“Over the past few months Cllr Barton has sent us a number of written questions relating to the role and responsibilities of the BID.

“We have provided him with the answers to all the questions he has asked. “Despite that he still clearly fails to appreciate what the BID was set up to do and how it works alongside Sefton Council

“We, of course, share his passion for Southport and have offered to sit down with him on more than one occasion to explore ways of working together for the benefit of everyone who has an interest in the town centre.

“Such a meeting would be far more helpful than attempted point-scoring in the local media. However our offer of a face to face meeting with him have been ignored.”