Local author Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes will be signing copies of her debut novel: HIS MOTHER at Formby Books in a ‘Meet the Author, Raise Cash for YOUNG MINDS & Support Our Local Book Stores’ Event.

Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes will be signing copies of her psychological thriller on Saturday, the 18th of April. She will be at Formby Books on Halsall Lane from 1 o’clock.

What Sally-Anne had to say:

“The event is not just a way of promoting my book and raising cash for YOUNG MINDS, it is also a means of supporting another worthwhile cause: saving our local book stores. There are at present too many beautiful book stores that go neglected, ignored – mostly I think because of our busy lifestyles; it is after all easier to put one in our trolley, whilst shopping in a supermarket, than making the effort to walk down to our local book store. But, do we really want to see these quirky and often magical locales disappear for the sake of convenience and at the expense of profit? If the answer is no, then please take the time to make a short journey to your local book store, reacquaint yourself with their infectious environments, spend time browsing, skimming and scanning what there is on offer: I promise you, you will not regret it”.

About YOUNG MINDS, the voice for young people’s mental health and well-being:

YOUNG MINDS is a charity I feel very passionate about. Coincidentally I had chosen this worthwhile charity to donate proceeds the week before the Duchess of Cambridge spoke out about the importance of providing the right support for young people with mental health concerns. YOUNG MINDS aims to not only help any person suffering with any type of mental issue, it also aims to reach out and educate, raise awareness and support families, friends, communities and facilitators alike.

I am very appreciative of all the publicity and support I have received so far in order to raise money for YOUNG MINDS. I will have a charity tin on me on the day! Any lose change, any donation, no matter how big or small, will be gratefully received. My daughters are baking some delicious cupcakes for the event and as stated on Radio Merseyside and Halton Community Radio this week, Tony Higginson has offered to make visitors a lovely cup of tea to go with them! On that note I’d like to thank him and Bob Stone, owners of Formby Books, for their never-ending support for this worthy cause.

website: www.youngminds.org.uk

About the Book: HIS MOTHER                                            

In the early hours of the morning, a teenage female body is found face down in the marshland that runs along Southport’s captivating coastline. Both Detectives Inspector Folkard and Sergeant Shakespeare strongly suspect secondary teacher Mr Rimmer to be their man.

Mr Rimmer has many secrets; although he appears to live alone, he in fact does not. The closer Inspector Folkard and Sergeant Shakespeare get to their killer, the more they learn of Mr Rimmer’s relationship with HIS MOTHER.

It is only when Inspector Folkard looks back at similar attacks on young females that she begins to make some much needed headway. Inspector Folkard knows there is at least one other body close by; finding it could be the vital piece of the puzzle, but where to look?

Photograph taken at Broadhursts of Southport

website: www.tapia-bowes.com


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