The decision makers at Sefton Council seem to have gone totally mad. Today, workers started drilling into marked speed bump areas down Ainsdale’s (20 mph – limited) Orchard Lane.

This is just one small lane. Many others, that hold NO speed bumps, are just like it all across Southport. Most never had speed bumps and never will but in Orchard Lane the residents are being inflicted with more, widely discredited, bumps just when they thought they had seen the last of them.

Councillors and campaigners challenging the absurdity of speed bumps have been totally ignored and the grossly out of touch Sefton Council appears to be a law unto itself. When informed about this latest council absurdity Cllr Haydn Preece stated that he was, “Disappointed” and that we, “Need a review on speed bumps.”

We have requested councillors to ask Sefton Council this: “How much is this council folly over speed bumps costing taxpayers in these times or austerity and cuts?”


Should this apathetic council not be looking in its own mirror if it genuinely wishes to save us all cash?

Laughing all the way to the bank?

Our council is addicted to cutting jobs for ordinary workers and wasting vital cash on silly schemes like the speed bumps. At the same time it is happily squandering ‘uber- bucks’ on wildly over-paid top brass. Why not save us all much more via pruning back high-paid and largely insignificant council executives like Margaret Carney.

This woman was once reported to make more money than the UK’s Prime Minister? In January 2009 with an annualised salary of £150,894, Carney beat the Prime Minister’s £142,500 salary. Including expenses and pension contributions she was said to have received a total of £176, 465 from the local authority in 2009/10.

Is this acceptable for just one council operative, or is it an appalling waste of essential funds? Is all this activity to be seen as ‘reasonable conduct’ from our council or are we all being ripped off on a daily basis?

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When is Sefton Council ever going to wake up? The public deserve much better than this!

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