Popular nightlife spots prepare for future reopening

Popular nightclubs and late night bars in Southport are doing all they can to prepare for their eventual reopening.

While many pubs and restaurants are opening on July 4, nightclubs across the country remain temporarily closed

Banff Southport

However work is ongoing at a number of town centre clubs to make sure staff and customers are safe when they eventually get the green light to reopen

Popular spot Banff Southport say they can’t wait to rejuvenate ‘great’ nights out in the town and are urging residents to support other local businesses in the meantime

A post on the club’s social media pages says “to all our lovely customers unfortunately it’s still not the right time for us to open our doors just yet.

“Both our customers and our staffs health and safety is our highest priority and we are busy behind the scenes figuring out the best way possible for us to reopen again.

AJ estates southport

“In the meantime support all the other great local businesses our small town has to offer.”