PM Johnson confirms Southport will face toughest coronavirus restrictions

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out the new “three-tier” system of local coronavirus restrictions in the House of Commons this afternoon, with Southport set to be included in the most severe category.

Southport, as part of Sefton, will be included in the “very high” categorisation from Wednesday.

The Prime Minister has set out the new three-tier system to MPs, saying it “simplifies and standardises” coronavirus restrictions.

The restrictions mean that pubs, bookmakers, leisure centres and gyms will be required to close.

However it is understood that pubs with significant food offerings may be permitted to stay open, but with restrictions on alcohol sales.

Businesses that are forced to close will be able to claim 2/3 of staff’s wages from the government.

Retail outlets, schools and universities will remain open.

More people are in hospital with Covid than before lockdown in March, says NHS medical director Stephen Powis.

The measures come as an attempt to simplify increasingly complex restrictions placed on various areas around England.

Areas will receive either a Medium, High or Very High categorisation.

Most areas of England will be on “medium” alert but areas with local restrictions on household mixing are automatically on “high” alert at least.

The Prime Minister also confirmed that Very High areas will see inter-household mixing in “private gardens” will be banned, but rejected calls to say that a 2nd national lockdown was needed.

The Prime Minister will hold a news conference at 7pm.

Full guidance will be issued on the government’s website.