Opulencia Champagne Lounge Launch date announced

Opulencia Champagne Lounge will be opening on Thursday 12th July for a trial night which will allow guests to try the world famous cocktail menu. 

Opulencia is a champagne bar with hostess and table services, it will open from early evening till late night across the week to caterer for all from “pre theatre to late night party goers” 

Charles Wong said: “We will be working very closely with someone who has a huge background in nightclubs and bars across the uk for over 15 years to hopefully bring some entertainment into Southport, because really Southport night life is pretty boring.

There will be special events on regularly.

Opulence is experienced in catering for the affluent clientele with a close attentive and high class service, We are aiming more towards over 21 at least to try and eliminate the nuisance of the younger generation for our main clients to enjoy their night.

The building is situated at 1 West Street, it is only a stone throw away from the central night life attractions but have the reputations of being peaceful and without the trouble in the centre of town, it is perfect for this champagne lounge!”

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