Residents in Banks outraged by electrical contractor firm that seeks to expand next to residential properties 

On ongoing row is brewing between New Lane Pace residents and a firm that is creating tensions.

The firm currently runs businesses from 163a New Lane Pace, Banks, Lancashire. They are currently running an existing business here called Eco Electrical and Building Services Ltd. 

Objections raised to the council by residents include the following.

No facility for H.G.Vs to turn round at the end of the access road.  Consequently, they would have to back in or out of the premises causing their reverse indicator alarms to sound constantly, day and night. 

Noise disturbance would be ongoing every day.

Dispute over the controversial access point is also on going.


Given the nature of the peaty sub soil and the weight of heavily laden H.G.Vs using this road, ongoing subsidence will be a major factor.

Diesel fumes creating additional pollution: The unavoidable increase in H.G.Vs, vans and cars to the site would cause localised diesel fume pollution; the ongoing prevailing winds blowing them to our premises opposite.

Burning on site of rubbish has been noted including rubber materials creating dangerous pollution.

Mud on the main road, via water in firm’s yard, will create safety issues for passing vehicles.

Staff vehicles would be parked about fifty feet from the front of houses. Residents would be continuously visible meaning, loss of privacy

Oncoming traffic concerns.  The applicant operates his electrical contracting/building business from the site. Company cars, vans and wholesale wagons go in and out on a daily basis, this adds to the weight of traffic at the site.

Limited highway visibility is a leading safety concern when exiting the site. When exiting the site vehicles have to be partly on the road before drivers can see oncoming traffic approaching from the right (a large hedge obscuring the view) conflicting with oncoming traffic (horn honking and breaking).

The traffic on this stretch of New Lane Pace is recognised as rapid flowing, evidenced by the use of police speed cameras being deployed on a regular basis.

If this controversial application, if granted, it will create disadvantageous effects on residents lives and their properties as well as the greenbelt.

Residents believe that a rural village is not an acceptable place for such increased traffic, impact on local environment, pollution, and public disturbance, loss of peace and privacy as well as detracting from amenity value of the area.

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