Missing couple rescued from marshland in Marshside

Missing couple rescued from marshland in Marshside
Emergency services have this afternoon rescued a couple from marshland in Marshside after they found themselves in difficulty while out walking (Sunday 17 September).
The male and female were found by emergency services including Southport OffShore Rescue Trust and Merseyside Police, with help from the coastguard after they were reported missing earlier this morning.
It’s thought the pair had wandered out into the marshland and had attempted to walk far out to see, reportedly in an attempt to make it to Blackpool.
Misleading good weather and a trick of the eye means many people often believe Blackpool is far closer to Southport than it is and they do not realise that it is a dangerous and life threatening journey to undertake.
The pair were brought back to shore following the search and rescue and were later assessed by paramedics.