Merseyside Police urge people to use 101 for ‘police matters only’

Merseyside Police have asked people to only call the 101 non-emergency number “when it is a police matter” after seeing an “influx” of calls that “don’t fit the criteria” since the prime minister’s address to the nation last night.

In the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s speech, the force received “an increasing number” of coronavirus-related calls, asking questions such as:

  • “Can I go out and buy the kids Easter eggs?”
  • “Can I go to church to practice the organ?”
  • “I am moving house tomorrow. Can I still do this?”
  • “I have bought a bed on eBay. Can I go and collect it?”

Ch Supt Claire Richards said:

We understand that we are currently in new and challenging times and people have genuine worries but the force contact centre should not be used by people wanting to ask questions about Covid-19.

I would urge people to think before they pick up the phone. They could be blocking the line for someone who genuinely needs to speak to us.

She added that anyone wishing to access the latest government information should go to the dedicated government website.