A terrified Southport taxi driver who filled up his car at Tesco express was horrified to see a stranger pour petrol on it and set it alight.

A court heard that but for the quick actions of the station manager there could have been a much more serious incident with the blaze spreading to the nearby store and smoke filling houses.

Police close of petrol station after car explosion

Krzysztof Sikora, 22, was suffering an amphetamine induced psychotic episode at the time after a four day drugs binge admitted responsibility and was jailed on the 16th March for two and a half years.

Sikora, who had bought a bottle of coolant, emptied the contents out and put petrol in it which he then poured over Mr Bracken’s Vauxhall Astra Estate and set it alight.

He left the scene but was arrested nearby, said Derek Jones, prosecuting. He was taken to Southport hospital but while there threw a glass of water he had been given over one of the accompanying police officers.