Southport residents looking to escape the current harsh restrictions in the town have been told to think again if they’re planning a daring journey across the border.

Despite the temptation to escape the lockdown restrictions of Southport and head to Wales for social respite, those planning a holiday south of Southport have been warned against it.

The Welsh government say they are concerned that people from Merseyside may try and escape their lockdown by going on holiday in Wales.

Those potential holidaymakers have since been warned they could face quarantine under measures being considered by the Welsh Government.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething said he was looking at how powers could be used to protect areas with lower cases.

Currently people in lockdown areas in England can go on holiday in parts of Wales not subject to restrictions.

It is illegal for people to leave or enter lockdown counties Wales except for a limited set of reasons, like work or education.