A Southport star of the small screen is already making headlines for her acting talents, a feat even more impressive given she can’t yet talk.

Lourdes Collinson was just ten days old when she first heard the words ‘action’ and cameras started rolling as she took her first steps toward acting stardom in a hit BBC drama.

Lourdes plays the child of leading actress Melissa Johns in the BBC show ‘Life’ which is being hailed as a smash hit by critics.

Steph, Lourdes’ real life mum, says she has been blown away by how well her daughter did during the four month filming schedule and is hopeful Lourdes will find her way infront of a camera once more soon.

Steph told OTS News “Lourdes is amazing and she was just 10 days old when she started filming and the final edit looks amazing.

“Lourdes and Melissa filmed for 4 months and she grew close to all the cast and crew.”

Actress Melissa told the Daily Mirror “I first met her when she was 10 days old and when we finished she was four months old,” she went on.

“On our last filming day together I cried my eyes out because I was gutted I wasn’t going to have this beautiful little life in my arms. She was incredible, adorable – and it wouldn’t surprise me if she grew up to be on stage and screen, as she stole the show a lot.”