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Dear sirs,

I am reopening my business next week and have had cause to finally visit Lord Street. What I saw has left me furious.

I’m a levy payer and very conscious of where my money goes to the Southport BID.

So imagine my distaste to find scores of overgrown weeds and dying flowers are welcoming thousands of visitors to the town

As thousands of people come to our town again and visit our beaches, they’re met with this horrific sight in BID liveried planters.

Scarisbrick Hotel Lord Street Southport Bid

It would be fine if we could blame the council but as levy payers these planters belong to us. So if they look awful it reflects badly on our already struggling business

What do I pay my money for?

1663 small businesses across Southport and Sefton receive government Coronavirus support

I stand ready to support Southport in any way I can