Driving instructors in Southport are being told their students want more realistic tests and lessons.

In a recent poll of almost 300 learner drivers conducted by Marmalade, the specialist telematics insurer for young drivers, 54 percent of respondents said that they should be allowed to practice motorway driving before their test.

While learner drivers are expected to theoretically understand how to safely drive on motorways, they currently don’t obtain any practical experience before passing their tests.

This December, changes to the law mean that learners will have the option to take a motorway lesson when accompanied by a fully qualified approved driving instructor. While this is a welcome change to the curriculum, Marmalade CEO Crispin Moger fears that it isn’t enough.

Moger said: “Our research and experience talking to young drivers suggest that driving tests aren’t properly equipping new drivers to handle today’s busy roads. All too often, drivers are taught to pass the test and not to drive in real-life situations. So much more could be done to teach young drivers to look further ahead and anticipate.”