Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review Master McGraths Southport Road Scarisbrick

Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review Master McGraths Southport Road Scarisbrick

Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review Master McGraths

Dear Connoisseurs I am Jacques Aubergine, a lover of good food and drink. I have eaten at some very good restaurants and some very bad restaurants across the British Isles.

I have had service that was excellent and service that I just wouldn’t recommend!

Over the next few weeks you will find my column, ‘Aubergine Restaurant Review’ at OTS News.co.uk

I will review a variety of eating establishment in your town, giving you a frank and candid review of Southport’s restaurants.

This will be your local guide to gastronomy! I will review the quality of the food, service, value for money and ambience, as well as my overall impression.

For potential diners, you will gain a helpful guide of the place to, or not to dine.

The only catch is that the restaurant will not know that I am coming, so you, the readers of OTS News.co.uk will get an unbiased review of Southport’s restaurants have to offer you!

Bon appetite


Master McGraths Restaurant and Lounge Bar has been welcoming customers since 1992. Under the ownership and personal direction of Jim and Trudy Sines

Master McGraths  Two Courses £13.95 + £6.50p Supplement  for steak.

ots-restaurant review master mcgraths 3 southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0Starter:

ots-restaurant review master mcgraths 2 southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0Main Course:
Quality of the food, 7.5/10

Starter  This dish looked nice, but was a little bland.

When there are thousands of different species of edible mushrooms why do the British choose to eat the blandest?

The Mushroom risotto was presented well and melted cheese  made up the taste with a strong mature  flavour.  The dish was filling maybe a little too much for a starter,  not leaving much room for the next course.

The main course was lasagne which was plain to say the least, although it looked appetising enough there was just nothing special in its flavour, but as I always  say Italy is the only place to eat pasta.

Service, 8/10

We felt a little rushed to order as the manager presumed that we wanted the special cheap early bird menu which by chance did order in the end.

The all male staff on the night were helpful.  They were always on hand and always willing to explain about the menu.

Food was freshly prepared, and service was quick.

A minor point worth noting was that although the table presentation was high, the restaurant might benefit from hand drying the bar glasses as ours were slightly stained due the current drying method.

Value for money 8.5/10 On the face of it, £13.95 + £6.50p Supplement was not bad for the quality of food we got.

Ambience, 8/10

The set up of the restaurant was clean country style and welcoming but there was only a handful of patrons in the main restaurant, so the place looked a bit empty (this was mid week). I noticed the bar area was doing a roaring trade in light bites and bar food.

Music was appropriate, easy listing from the 1970’s to present.

Interior Overall impression 8.5/10

First impressions were favourable but having sat down to eat, was a little disappointed but as for value for money I could not complain and would frequent again

ots-restaurant review master mcgraths 5 southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0

French Red wine Vigneron £14.95p

ots-restaurant review master mcgraths southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0

A good location on the outskirts of Southport, plenty of parking spaces and food is served in both the restaurant and bar

My dining companion had a Prawn Cocktail starter, and a steak main course.

ots-restaurant review master mcgraths 4 southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0

Prawn Cocktail (above) & Sirloin Steak (below) £13.95 + £6.50p Supplement.

The main meal was also served with chunky chips.

ots-restaurant review master mcgraths 1 southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0


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