Hospitals are appealing for clothes to help get patients out of bed and feeling ready to go home.

Patients often assume they will be in bed for much of their treatment and don’t bring enough or any day clothes, and have to remain in nightwear for the whole of their stay.

Meg Langley, Head of Older People’s Care at Southport and Ormskirk hospitals, said: “If you are able to get up, out of your pajamas and move around while in hospital, this will benefit you as much as the other treatments you may be receiving.

“What we call ‘PJ paralysis’ can actually slow down the recovery process and make it harder to return to a normal home life. Staying in bed leads to muscle wastage as well as having many other significant detrimental effects on the body.”

Hospital staff now encourage all patients to get up, dress in day clothes and keep moving where possible – but they need clean comfortable clothes to do this.

Meg added: “Although many patients have family and loved ones who bring clothes in, there are many others who don’t or have been admitted unexpectedly and had no time to prepare. This can mean people being discharged home in hospital nightwear which can leave them feeling exposed and vulnerable.

“We are asking for the support of local companies and individuals to donate day clothes for both men and women. They must be new, with labels on, practical and suitable for our patients which would include items such as tee-shirts, blouses, elasticated-waist trousers, skirts and slippers or pump shoes with backs on.”

They can be dropped off with our volunteer welcomers at either Southport or Ormskirk hospital receptions, Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.