Heartless hospital security throw out pensioner on street

Shocked visitors to Southport hospital have complained to The Care and Quality commission after witnessing nurses throw an elderly man into the street after he refused to leave hospital.

Witnesses who do not want to be named said they were shocked and saddened to see the elderly man forced out of the hospital doors by nurses and security staff.

They said “An elderly man who couldn’t walk was being discharged.

He told them he didn’t want to go and that he would end up on the streets. So they got security to go and get him, to which we watched him throw himself on the floor in a desperate attempt to stay. They shoved him into a wheelchair and wheeled him onto the toad where two security men grabbed him and shoved him onto a bench on the street in only his hospital pyjamas, they were halfway down his bum and he was left alone in the rain. This man seemed like he couldn’t walk and I know I don’t know the whole story but surely they have a duty of care.”