A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY (no charge) April 11th 10:30 -4.00


Using the super strength of modern engineering, the Spiderman Climbing gear makes participants cling securely to special wall panels. With a simple-to-master motion, climbers can move up or down the specially made climbing walls using special magnetic climbing gloves and leg magnets.

You will use muscles, develop coordination and personal confidence as you push the limits of your own abilities. Younger climbers usually surpass their enthusiastic adult counterparts after all they’ve seen Spider Man do it for years!

You will learn the basics on a training wall and once used to the technique you will be harnessed up to a safety line so you can have a go on the big wall which is 5 meters high.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Fun for all ages. Come and meet the specialists in mobile adventure activities who will be here to help and guide you so you have the time of your life!


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