This species used to be quite rare but numbers are said to be increasing. Nevertheless, the Glossy Ibis always seems to draw in the twitchers from near and far.

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) gives the UK Status of the Glossy Ibis as ‘Scarce Visitor’. They also advise of 82 records per year in the UK of this species. The first recorded UK sighting was in Berkshire in 1793.

It was once a rare vagrant to the UK but numbers have improved in recent years and it has become more common, with remarkable arrivals in 2007-11. It was removed from the list of species considered by the British Birds Rarities Committee in 2013.

Watch out for other prominent birds like herons (pictured below) as well at Marshside.

There’s always plenty to see at Marshside.

Below: a godwit feeding.

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