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Funeral Parlour to replace Southport’s luxury car showroom

Plans have been passed and Michael Pearce Ltd car showroom will be converted into  a funeral parlour.

The proposal is listed below:

Introduction & Proposal

The applicant wishes to convert the existing property with no external physical changes into a funeral parlour that will include a mortuary for the storage of the deceased. There will also be other associated uses within the complex such as storage of coffins (within the workshop) and vehicle garage.

Property and Surrounds

1-5 Roe Lane is within a predominantly mixed use area, with a residential property being situated at number 7, a care home and a car showroom opposite (planning permission has been recently granted for the showroom to be redeveloped into a local store and petrol station), Leyland Road Church is located to the immediate west with shops being further west.

Business Operation

The configuration of the existing property is such that the business can operate completely under one roof. The through access on the existing workshop allows the arrival of the deceased to enter the property inside the private ambulance and undercover out of sight of the general public and neighbouring properties.

The only time third parties will see a coffin is when the hearse leaves the building for the final time on its way to the actual funeral.

Visitors to the premises will be between 9am and 6pm (Sunday –Saturday) when arranging funerals or visiting the deceased. The business will however, take delivery of the deceased as and when necessary over a 24 hour period.


The property is designated as falling within a Residential Area with the Sefton UDP (2006) (Saved Policies) and consideration to Policy H10 Residential Development and Development in Residential Areas needs to be considered. Policy H10 says:-


1. New residential development will be permitted within the Primarily Residential Areas shown on the Proposals Map where it can be demonstrated that such development would be consistent with the aims and objectives of the Plan.

Mr C Howard of Howard Funerals 1-5 Roe Lane, Southport, PR9 9DR

Change of Use from a Car Showroom to a Funeral Parlour with Mortuary for the storage of the deceased.


2. Housing will also be permitted in other areas provided that it can also be demonstrated that:

  1. the land is not required for the purpose for which it is designated;
  2. the development would not conflict with the allocated land use; and
  3. it would result in an acceptable residential environment.

3. Non-residential development will also be permitted in the Primarily Residential Areas provided that it can be demonstrated that the proposal:

  1. will not have an unacceptable impact on residential amenity; and
  2. is otherwise compatible with the residential character of the area.

Clearly only part 3 is applicable in this instance. The proposed use does not materially change any physical aspect on the property and therefore visually no impact is made on residential amenity. Similarly, as all the operations are hidden from public there will be no impact emotionally or environmentally.

Whilst the current car showroom sells prestigious cars and has limited visitors as a result, the current permitted use as a car showroom could mean that much more popular cars are sold with significantly more visitors to and from the property than would be apparent for the proposed use.


The applicant considers that the proposal is sustainable and acceptable and would not cause a detrimental impact on the neighbouring residential area.

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