Frustrated pedestrians are wheeling blue at inconsiderate youths

Photo: Police outside KFC Eastbank Street

Frustrated pedestrians are wheeling blue after inconsiderate youths fail to move bikes out of their way – a vicious cycle which seemingly remains a huge issue.

The ongoing issue is perhaps most prominent outside KFC restaurant on Eastbank Street, Southport where huge groups of young cyclists are known to gather – and they refuse to move out of the way for anyone walking along the road.

In some instances frustrated pedestrians have even taken to grabbing the bikes and forcibly moving them – but this is a tactic not recommended as the youths can react negatively.

Something needs to be done urgently and police are regular visitors to the site – having been called on numerous occasions each week to reports of a large number of youths gathering at the spot.

They are banned from entering the restaurant so retaliate by hanging directly outside the door.

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