Domestic abuse victims put at risk by Parliament shutdown, LibDems warn

If Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament, important legislation will be shelved, including the Domestic Abuse Bill. LibDem candidate John Wright made this warning Saturday speaking at a ‘Stop the Coup’ demonstration outside Southport Town Hall. 

The protest was organised by Mr. Wright and other opposition candidates. Speakers included Laurence Rankin from the Green Party, as well as Labour’s Liz Savage and Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson. 

“Now is the time to stand up and be counted for our democracy,” Mr. Wright told the crowd. The shutdown is “a constitutional and political outrage.”

Mr. Wright also warned that real people will be affected by Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament, especially domestic abuse victims. New legislation protecting them would be put aside indefinitely. 

Southport’s Conservative MP, Damien Moore, has made no comment about Johnson’s controversial decision. Yet he retweeted a clip of Jacob Rees-Mogg dismissing concerns before making his Twitter account hidden from the public.