Do CBD Gummies Offer Any Health Benefits?

CBD gummies are candies infused with cannabidiol. You can shop CBD gummies in various flavours and CBD concentrations, although the standard CBD content per gummy is between 10mg and 25mg. The delicious flavour, ease of use, and wide availability of CBD gummies mean they are quickly catching CBD oil in the popularity stakes.

However, there are some legal issues to contend with. For instance, over in the United States, products containing cannabidiol are not FDA-approved apart from the pharmaceutical drug, Epidiolex. Therefore, responsible sellers know they can’t make medical claims. For instance, companies will get into trouble with the FDA for suggesting their CBD gummies can treat, cure, prevent, or help diagnose any medical condition.

Nonetheless, many people buy CBD gummies because they believe the compound offers various medical benefits. Apart from anecdotal reports, there is also a mounting body of scientific evidence that suggests cannabidiol could, at the very least, ease the symptoms of certain ailments. This article investigates the data to help you decide if this non-intoxicating cannabinoid is right for your specific needs.

CBD’s Effects on Anxiety

According to Australian government data, anxiety disorders such as social phobia affect up to one-in-six people. Yet, help could be at hand in the form of CBD gummies. A variety of studies have found that the non-intoxicating cannabinoid could help with anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder (SAD).

One fascinating study published in the Permanente Journal in 2019 looked into the effect of cannabidiol on anxiety and sleep. It was a large case series where 103 adults began the trial, and 72 finished it. Overall, almost 80% of patients reported decreased anxiety scores in the first month. Furthermore, patients’ anxiety remained at a significantly lower level than normal for the duration of the 3-month study.

Ultimately, the researchers stated that CBD “may hold benefit for anxiety-related disorders.” Certainly, the practice of consuming CBD gummies after a long, stress-filled day is becoming increasingly popular.

CBD for Insomnia

Government data has found that almost half of Australian adults report a minimum of two sleep-related problems. Men are more likely to have obstructive sleep apnoea, whereas women are at greater risk of insomnia. There are many reasons why a person has trouble sleeping; these include:


  • Consuming caffeine too late in the evening
  • Mental health disorders such as depression and PTSD
  • Physical issues such as restless leg syndrome and chronic pain
  • Medication; some drugs disturb the sleep-wake cycle

If external factors or related conditions are responsible for your insomnia, CBD gummies could help. The Permanente Journal study mentioned earlier also found that two-thirds of patients reported better sleep after using cannabidiol.

CBD for Chronic Pain

About 20% of Australians aged 45+ live with persistent pain. In 2018, the condition cost the nation approximately $139 billion, primarily due to a loss in productivity and reduced quality of life. Chronic pain is defined as lasting beyond the standard healing time after an illness or injury, typically 3-6 months.

Many people use powerful painkillers to manage their pain. However, such prescription drugs are often highly addictive and can cause more problems than they solve. As it happens, CBD gummies could help reduce the impact of chronic pain, and the cannabinoid is not addictive.

According to a review published in Frontiers in Pharmacology in 2018, there is ample evidence to suggest that CBD could soothe pain. Also, by reducing chronic pain, CBD could help improve sleep. The reviewers analysed a wide range of studies and stated that larger, long-term studies are mandatory to determine the efficacy and safety of cannabinoids such as CBD.

Final Thoughts on the Potential Medical Benefits of CBD Gummies

When choosing CBD gummies, you must determine the right cannabidiol concentration for your needs. For instance, a person using the compound for chronic pain may require more than an individual looking for anxiety relief.

It is standard for brands to include 25mg of CBD in each gummy, which is usually enough for most users. This allows you to consume half or even a quarter if you’ve never taken the cannabinoid before. Gradually increase the dose as needed and stop once you get the desired effects. You can consume CBD gummies anytime you want to, and the biggest problem you’ll have is sticking a single gummy!