Danger hole causes chaos on busy rat run

Furious drivers who have to use Bold Street as a rat run are being forced to mount the pavement to avoid an ever growing pot hole.

The hole in the road opened up in late July and has been growing wider ever since causing a number of problems for pedestrians and drivers.

Now there’s so little space that fed up motorists are having to mount the kerb and narrowly avoid hitting people on the pavement because of the pot hole.

This major safety issue still has not been addressed despite a ton of reports being sent into the council.

One furious driver told OTS News: “it’s a ridiculous thing we have to do now, dodging pot holes which haven’t been fixed in months.”

“I have to drive into the pavement if I want to get past and this should be a two way road.”

“Somebody is going to get hurt.”

“And the road is so much busier now that Lord Street is closed off.”