Local Councillors Barton and Bliss have worked together to achieve funding for tree-lined streets in their respective Dukes and Cambridge wards here in Southport. As part of an ongoing restoration project to regenerate the town since his election Cllr Barton has met with Council officers on site and has pledged to commit the necessary funding of £7,200 to restore all 16 trees along the Lord Street boulevard vista. This will be funded in two parts, the former being through local ward funds at Cllr Barton’s request- which all Ward Councillors have supported and the latter being through the Southport Area Committee where Cllr Barton has called upon the Committee to support his funding request for the remaining £3,500 amount. If successful this sum may yet be further reduced after additional investment from another body after this being raised last year by Cllr Barton when he first raised this with the Council. In addition to this Cllr Barton has reported all cracked tree pits where there are trees presently for repair and maintenance works.

Cllr Bliss in neighbouring Cambridge Ward has already committed ward funds to replace 6 trees along a similarly tree-lined boulevard street in Cambridge Avenue after receiving numerous requests from concerned residents since earlier this summer.

Cllr Barton said: “Being a life-long local Businessman here in Southport and a local volunteer who regularly traverses Lord Street each week during the summer whilst out gardening with the Lord Street In Bloom Volunteers I have had the opportunity to monitor and survey Lord Street on a regular basis. This has enabled me to identify and address local issues such as the ongoing tree- stump situation which arose due to 16 trees having reached the end of their natural life- cycle. Had these same trees been left in their state of decline they would have posed an unacceptable Health and Safety risk to the highway and passers-by. Therefore Pruning was undertaken so as to alleviate overhang to the footway, highway and lighting columns.

The cost of a tree is approximately £450 this includes the creation of a new pit, supply, plant and 10 year aftercare including an intense 2 year establishment period where if the tree was to fail to establish the contractor would replace at no extra cost. Unfortunately existing tree pits from the trees which were removed cannot be reused as they are too large and the area will be compacted with roots, however the replacement pits will be situated very close by as in-keeping with the historic Lord Street tree-lined vista as possible. Having spoken to many local residents about this I have been working consistently with the Council for a while to achieve the best possible outcome as soon as feasibly possible and in order that we might achieve the best value for the Sefton pound. I sincerely hope that the remaining Southport Councillors can support me in my request to acquire the remaining funding for this long- awaited restoration work which can only support our local community and tourist economy alike.

For more information please contact David Barton on 0151 934 2061 or davidbarton.dukesward@outlook.com


If you would like to speak to him about this or any other issue he holds surgeries for residents every third Saturday of the month at the Atkinson Arts Centre on Lord Street to assist residents with any local issues or neighbourhood concerns. Dukes Ward covers the Western part of Birkdale and Hillside along with the town centre itself. Upcoming Surgeries:

September- 19th 2-3pm Atkinson Arts Centre

October- 17th 2-3pm Atkinson Arts Centre

November- 21st 2-3pm Atkinson Arts Centre

December- 19th- 2-3pm Atkinson Arts Centre


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