A warning that one of the most high profile town centre areas may have passed the point of no return has come from Cllr John Pugh, opposition leader on Sefton Council.

Princess Diana Gardens, once a major attraction in front of the town hall and the Atkinson Arts Centre, has now scarcely a paving stone undamaged and not in need of repair.

“If this was someone’s terrace or patio they would be looking towards a complete re-vamp and replacement.

“However, in all the schemes being floated for Southport’s regeneration, it does not seem to get much of a look in. The urgent need for basic investment seems to get overlooked compared to more speculative projects like another Market makeover.

“Sefton has spent millions on the Atkinson, but aren’t noticing the area immediately around it going to pot.

“It’s probably the one area every visitor to Southport sees.”

Southport has been here before when the blot on the landscape was a concrete, unsightly fountain fallen into disuse.

“It took absolutely years for the Council to wake up and address the issue. I really don’t want a repetition of that.”