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Jim Fryatt 1940-2020

Report by Southport FC We are saddened to learn of the passing of former Southport striker Jim Fryatt at the age of 79. Jim, who made 141 appearances for the Port during
6th June 2020


We’re all missing the live football at the moment, so this weekend we’re bringing you the next best thing! We’ve delved into the archives and will live stream the full 90 minutes
1st April 2020

Facts not fiction over the misleading WACA statement

WACA’S MISLEADING  STATEMENT AGAINST LOCAL VOLUNTEERS WAS PREVIOUSLY DISCREDITED BY WWP, YET SOME APPEAR TO HAVE MISSED THIS IMPORTANT FACT It has recently (August 2014) been brought to our attention that some misunderstanding may exist about valid
17th August 2014