The Ongoing Destruction Of Old Hesketh Bank In Lancashire

29th March 2016

Wonderful wildlife habitat under threat from housing development plans…

The Southport Press recently reported on controversial plans to build  211 houses at Hesketh Bank, right on the doorstep of a lovely old lake.

Lake side

The proposals going before councillors concern the former Henry Alty’s Brickworks site (the Old Clay Pit) off Station Road, in Hesketh Bank.

Previously, the development plan in Hesketh Bank was met with bitter opposition from residents who claimed the rural infrastructure was not able to support any further development. The initial planning application was submitted to West Lancashire Borough Council by Persimmon Homes for 275 houses, associated garages, roads and landscaping to be built on the Henry Altys site on Station Road.

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However, it was recently reported that plans originally proposed were “too dense”. Therefore, a reduction of house numbers would be more appropriate for this area. Apparently, this has been implemented within the submitted scheme.

Geese over the marshesALTYS GEESE

Whoever is ‘supposed’ to be officially in charge of planning and development permission etc in this location MUST understand that the lake is a wildlife oasis (home to water voles, newts, swans, grebes, kingfishers, bats, etc) and as such must be protected and given sanctuary.
What assurances are the local council giving that protective regulations, for both wildlife and the Hesketh Bank community, will be addressed?

Old train by Pat Regan

A small railway around the lake is also a popular attraction with tourists and locals alike. Will this attraction ultimately now be under threat from these developments?

No excuses will suffice concerning yet MORE ecological destruction for fat cat profits. Villages like this are an English gem and truly deserve to be safeguarded.

The Environment Agency and other bodies, holding a protective remit over the eco-structure have a duty of care to the place and its protected wildlife that dwell therein!

Same old story that we are all sadly becoming so familiar with… mega money talks and English heritage gets thrown right out of the window! They must ‘not’ be permitted to get away with it!

swan zoom

The impact on the delicate infrastructure, via development with increased traffic congestion etc, of this historic Lancashire village is likely to be catastrophic and must be challenged now!


Persimmon Homes criticised for failing to meet planning regulations

Elsewhere, Persimmon Homes was told to down tools on the large Derwent View development near the Bowes Incline in Birtley, Gateshead, after concern was expressed over the construction not complying with regulations.

Builders Persimmon cause a stink at Blyth housing development

And in ‘another’ location the builders left a gaping hole in a bathroom, which was contributing to a sense of frustration that the stench would ever go away. Householder said: “Our new home stinks and so does Persimmon.”

Abergavenny, residents protest 

Residents fear that a proposed residential development of 250 homes on the outskirts of the town will significantly increase traffic and anti-social behaviour and will overlook their homes.

Have Lancashire councillors considered the content of the links above, with regards to latest building proposals in their area? 
The environmental impact on the lake and wildlife may be significant.
Many new families will  blissfully be bringing in predatory pet cats, which may be allowed to roam freely through the hedges and nesting sites of many wild bird species.
Increased gridlock in the local Hesketh bank infrastructure may also be of serious concern to many residents. Extra pressure on school placements and medical services too.
The list is considerable and attempts to trivialise it by profit-motivated, pro-development activists is only to be expected.

good goldie

This poor old lake has had problems for many years, including wanton waste tipping that was eventually halted following protests(see this link).
Today this Lancashire lake is beautiful and forms a most valuable wildlife oasis.

Lake side

NB. In view of the seriousness of this issue, several readers have expressed ‘deep concern’ at what some are calling a “flippant” comment by a local newspaper editor.

 It’s high time the lake is given the environmental protection is truly deserves…

Some of us care deeply about the environment and have spent a lifetime seeking to defend it… 

Pat Regan © 2016 
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