Bridge over troubled crossing is ‘bad idea’

Building a life saving bridge at a suicide hotspot in Formby is a bad idea say local residents.

They claim that building a bridge at Fisherman’s Path will do more harm than good and that deaths at the crossing are incredibly rare.

One resident said “MP Bill Esterson says the subject is raised regularly at his surgeries. I doubt if it is raised by anything like the number of people who use this crossing safely each year without encountering any problems.

Genuine accidents at this crossing are exceptionally rare.
“For generations, Fisherman’s Path crossing has sadly been known as a place where people choose to commit suicide.

The crossing’s isolation linked to its relative ease of accessibility are undoubtedly major factors and the building of a footbridge will do nothing to change that.

In short, the building of a footbridge at Fisherman’s Path will do no good whatsoever, but it could create far greater problems (vandalism) which has the potential to bring harm and injury to people if objects were to be dropped from it by mindless yobs.”