Trick or treating lovers in Southport say they will just find ways to get around the Halloween ‘ban’ imposed on areas under a local lockdown.

OTS reported yesterday that Halloween was cancelled after Number 10 said that trick or treating was too risky in places that have seen shocking levels of Coronavirus numbers.

But the response from residents has been one of defiance, as many claim there are plenty of safe and sound ways to continue the spooktacular tradition without risking breaking social distancing.

One resident, Liam Rimer, commented “I still think there is a way round trick or treating.

“Why not leave a bowl of sweets out at front door and invite people to take a few. You don’t need to answer the door. And when they go. Go out and top bowl up again.

“Have a pumpkin as well to show you want people coming to your door. And the householder can come and and sanitize bowl before taking it back in house.

And if packs of sweets in plastic can sanitize them aswell. And then you don’t come into contact with anyone.. Its the same as a kid going into a shop buying sweets. Same risk

“Obviously the only problems that will arise is when kids go to houses that don’t want them there. Especially with covid. That’s the sticking point. If people where sensible we could still do trick or treating.. But sadly not everyone will be sensible.

“When we went last year,we only went to houses that had Halloween decorations. And some had sweets at door.”