Bill Esterson MP says only Labour has the vision to save our environment

31st October 2019

Bill Esterson MP met the RSPB to discuss the potential benefits of natural solutions to the climate crisis.

Mr Esterson said, “By protecting key habitats, ecosystems can recover and we can avoid releasing more carbon into the atmosphere.

“Healthy environments such as peatlands, wetlands, woodlands and grasslands are key parts of the environment and contain huge carbon reserves that would be disastrous if they were released into the atmosphere. For example, according to the RSPB, an estimated 350,000 tonnes of CO2 is being released from England’s upland peatlands into the atmosphere each year, with 75 per cent of these emissions a direct result of burning them.

“Labour’s environmental policies offer a £3.4bn national network of electric vehicle charging points, for rapid refuelling for long and short journeys, interest-free loans for electric car buyers, with an aim of electric vehicles making up two-thirds of those on UK roads by 2030.

There will also be home insulation and solar panels will be introduced free for more than a million people in low-income and social housing under a Labour government.

“We have a breath-taking landscape in this country and are lucky enough to have some

fantastic coastline here in Sefton as well as one of the few remaining red squirrels strongholds in the country. We have to protect our environment, our ecosystems and our wildlife to pass them down to the next generation.

“We have a choice between a climate crisis and letting big business get away with polluting, or a Green New Deal from the Labour Party that will preserve our ancient landscapes all while harnessing new technology to invest in jobs, homes and the future.

“Labour will lead the way on climate change, securing a future for our planet and our children while ensuring prosperity for all. The Conservatives are business as usual but business as usual will not save the planet for the next generation – only Labour’s plan can do that.”


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