BetBurger is the best service for working with surebets and valuebets

19th January 2022

BetBurger service has been in the market of surebets’ (arbitrage situations’) scanners since 2012. Since then, more than 100,000 users from all over the world have used its services.

BetBurger is equally useful for both experienced surebet bettors and the newbies taking the first steps in mastering the one and only win-win strategy in betting.

Registration at is intuitive. After creating an account, within a few days, you are to receive a series of training emails with the helpful tips on using the surebets and the scanner.

The interface of the BetBurger website is made in a stylish gray-blue color with a convenient location of the main frames.


The surebets (arbitrage situations) mean the bets wagered on the opposite outcomes of the same event: for example, the bets on the win of the home team and the win of the visiting team in two different BOs with a guaranteed profit. Find out more information on this topic here

Professional bettors use special scanners to search for the surebets. BetBurger self-presents itself as the no. 1 service. The same motto on the home page of its website is not the empty words, it is confirmed by positive reviews from thousands of users.

BetBurger is able to find all surebets available at any moment due to its monitoring of both live events (those that have already begun) and prematch ones (the betting before the referee’s starting whistle).

The swiftness ​​in detection of the surebets is a key performance indicator. In lives, BetBurger app can identify the arbitrage situations in three seconds, and in prematches – in 15.

Value bets

BetBurger is a multi purpose service. In addition to searching for the surebets, the scanner also works with value bets ​​(values). The BO analysts may sometimes erroneously assess the probability of some outcome. This allows value bettors to wager their bets at the coefficients initially set too high.

When the surebets ensure profit here and now, the profitability of the value bet is to be calculated at a long distance. The BetBurger scanner quickly monitors the bets, and then generates the results for the value bettors – both in prematch and in live betting. You can read more about value bets strategy on BetBurger website.

Using the scanner

Let’s move onto the betting process itself. We can see that the working area of ​​the scanner is divided into three parts: the user panel with settings (on the left), the surebet search results (the central part) and calculator (the top right one).

A multifilter generates the actual surebet search results. It is customizable by sports, BOs, number of outcomes, surebets profitability, event start time and lots of other parameters. The selected surebet is to get opened in the calculator, with all necessary calculations already made there.

When all the bets are calculated, you have to click on the “crosshair” icon, and the BOs’ sites are to open in separate tabs. The last step is to add the desired outcome to the cart and enter the amounts from the surebets calculator into the bet slips.

Surebet calculator

The surebet calculator is also one of the options on the BetBurger website. You will be able to use it even without an account. Thanks to the option of calculation of the surebets that are not two-way, this online tool outperforms lots of its competitors. With it, the user will be able to perform the following actions:

  • calculation of the bet amount;
  • calculation of the expected profit;
  • recalculation of the amount necessary to cover the bet.

BetBurger advantages

BetBurger scanner guarantees not only efficiency in finding surebets and values. Professional software monitors data from more than 100 BOs in more than 40 kinds of sports. Every day, the site handles at least 100 thousand surebets on such betting markets as outcomes, totals, handicaps, both teams to score, etc.

The main language of the service is English, but the site has also been localized into 12 other languages. The resource can be opened in any browser, it does not require the installation of additional software.

Correct use of BetBurger scanner may bring you at least 10% of net profit every month. The cost of a subscription pays off handsomely.

BetBurger management knows the worth of its product and does not allow the market dumping. The cost of services is equivalent to their quality. While we’re on the subject of pricing, let’s also note that the BetBurger website offers a flexible pricing policy (the “basic” and “pro” packages in prematch betting, the “beginner” and “pro” – in live ones).

In other words, it has tariffs for the bettors with different experience and budget. 

The subscription period is from one day to a year. The longer your subscription, the lower the cost of the service per day.

The BetBurger surebet scanner is an effective tool for getting a stable income with surebets and value bets!