Assure care Southport

Assured Care (Southport) Ltd employment opportunities – Southport and Formby

Due to the increase in workload (part time) carer required for the Southport/Formby Area.

•Pay above industry Standard.

•Training provided

•Car Driver

•Alternate weekends

If you Have any Queries please dont hesitate to contact us .

If you are interested in the exciting opportunities at Assured Care you can get in touch via the contact details below.

Telephone: 01704  514488


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Specialising in all aspects of care and companionship, the Company is a natural successor to its more illustrious predecessors.

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After all, Caring for people is as important, if not more, than caring for their money!!!

At Assured Care, there are a dedicated team of trained professionals who attend to the needs of the Companies customers- this can be anything from a simple 30 minute call to prepare a meal or help around the house, – to the provision of day sitters/ night sitters and in necessary situations live in carers.

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The Company assists with transportation to and from consultative appointments, and will provide a wealth of information on the minefield of health and welfare benefits and entitlements.

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Only recently the scene of an infamous Bank robbery, Assured Care has breathed new life into the “Old Bank”, once again employing and looking after members of our local community  !!