By Anton Dolders, Regional Chair of Arts at Macmillan

I was unfamiliar with art of painting on ceramics but expert, Nancy Marriner opened my eyes to all that is involved including the range of materials used and the assortment of techniques  which can be employed. Originally from Bolton and now having lived in Ainsdale for forty five years, Nancy is a member of Southport based group, Ceramic Artists which meets at the boat club beside the Marine Lake.

Nancy has a selection of tools which she uses for applying her artwork and designs to china and porcelain: brushes for washes of colour; nibs for applying fine lines; spikes for scraping through paint and special rubbers for removing segments of paint. She also mixes her paints with various liquids and materials including water, turpentine, salt and crystals to diversify their texture and modify their consistency and on occasions applies I-Relief: a form of plaster used for the formation of facades and three dimensional shapes on ceramic objects.

ots-cat-newsNancy’s real skill is in the imaginative way she uses painted designs to compliment the forms she is decorating, whether encompassed within cups, plates, vases or coasters. Although her subjects vary and can include everything from animals to abstract shapes and patterns, her compositions possess graphic qualities and she always manages to provide thematic relevance within paintings on household items.

ots-ast-varseAlthough Nancy’s expertise is unquestionable, she admits that painting on ceramics is just a hobby. I think the skills she has developed through her hobby are fantastic and definitely worth viewing. Her next demonstration in Cambridge Walks will be on Friday 13th November from 11am – 2pm.  For details of Art For Macmillan’s exhibitions and events:


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