Cllr Terry Jones has released a large Tory election broadsheet that includes the heading:

‘Cllr Terry Jones has a Proven Track Record for Ainsdale’


So what exactly is this ‘Proven Track Record’ all about? Are Ainsdale voters getting true value for money from Tory Leader Jones or are they being given short change?


Let’s look at a few facts (not spin) concerning how Ainsdale councillors, Terry Jones and ex-policeman Ted Hartill, have run their political administration – so far.

They have:

# Blocked calls for local improvements (because good ideas put forward were not ‘their’ ideas)

# Remained virtually invisible to residents in need, with one who is usually abroad on holiday

# Blocked residential calls to bring back the popular Community Skip

# Threatened a local family with Conservative legal action because they exposed consistent Tory failings

# Created secret recordings of private chats with others

# Ignored the fight to save Ainsdale’s vital Brookdale dementia care facility, even though it was in their ward

# Misused Woodvale’s Community Centre for their own political promotion and self-interest

# Drove loyal colleagues (that opposed their dictatorial regime) out of the party

# Asked outmoded education questions that no longer apply to today’s parents

# Side-lined residents on local campaigns such as Cherry Road Park

# Delivered erroneous political literature (several times) through Ainsdale doors that looked like primary school doodle

# Dismissed the Sports Hall and the critical Library fight as irrelevant

# Claimed credit for campaign success achieved by others

# Rehashed old election literature, because they have nothing new to tell residents

# Stood by nonchalantly whilst Woodvale’s Sandbrook Way eyesore worsened each year

# Omitted to add the ‘surname’ of their Preston-based parliamentary candidate on their latest election sheet. Who is he?

# Misled the Southport press to unwisely support their private campaigns against other politicians, without any evidence to back their wacky claims


Oh yes, their ‘PROVEN TRACK RECORD’ (as they call it on their latest pitiful election broadsheet) for residents is a confirmed CATASTROPHE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS and the facts behind their hopeless conduct cannot be dismissed! Naturally, their customary in-fighting continues also.

Many perceptive residents are however now coming to realise what is going on ‘behind’ the scenes with regards to Ainsdale’s worn-out Tories and it’s not good.

The best their frantic supporters can ever do is resort to nasty, and of course ‘anonymous’, internet abuse against such overwhelming evidence of Conservative apathy.



Do we really want ‘more’ of the same?


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