Ainsdale Beach Bank Holiday Car Chaos

28th August 2018

Some cars got through the thick sands at Ainsdale’s beach entrance, while others were not so lucky.

There was also no sign of any attempts to move the thick sand at the entrance by the local authority. Basically, numerous unlucky drivers were left to tackle the tricky situation, as best they could.

The soft sands are very hard to avoid, as they frequently cover the whole entrance area. So what advice do Sefton Council give? They state:

“We would ask visitors to ensure that they drive and park sensibly within the defined parking area and avoid areas of soft sand to avoid getting stuck or causing an obstruction.”

Sefton Council’s parking advice to drivers is of course quite meaningless, because ot the state of the entrance.

Until the entrance is cleared the authority should in reality be warning drivers to avoid this obstacle.

Pat Regan © 

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