Photo: A worried Mr Wiles, Sandbrook Way

A month has passed since the council visited Pastor Pete’s Sanbrook Way slum. On this visit a Sefton Council representative took photographs of the awful living conditions. The represantive said they would paint the front, have the drains unblocked and that the water leak from upstairs would be fixed.

Mr Wiles said:

“This visit was over a month ago and I have not heard anything since.

“The smell is getting a lot worse and is effecting our health”.

UPDATE: Pastor Pete’s office allegedly calls desperate family man a disgrace


I’m Keeping you up to date with the Sandbrook Road Shoreline Housing shambles.

Today (Friday 7th August) I spoke to a lady at the office and she just talked over me and said:

“I will not listen to you, you are a disgrace, we helped you when homeless”.

I then asked to speak to pastor Pete, she said “no I can’t”.  I then told her he has asked me to call him and She replied “you can’t speak with him”, then she put the phone down.


A family pleas for help to get out of Sandbrook Way

• Plastic front windows

• Mould and water leaks in every room

• Childs bedroom requires a dehumidifier 24 hours a day

• Rubbish left by neighbors block drains

• Sefton Council and Police will not help

Shoreline Housing located Mr Alan Wiles, wife and daughter in one of the old shops on Sandbrook Way, Ainsdale.

Shoreline Housing currently care for over 200 tenants in the Southport.

Shoreline housing state that it will provide support to all its tenants, but some need more hands on work than others.

In Mr Alan Wiles case, Shoreline Housing will not do anything about the dangerously poor living conditions of this two bedroom flat.


Mr Wiles said:

“This is a living nightmare for my family, living conditions are terrible.

“I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and cannot walk unaided, the damp conditions are making my health worse”.

“There is a leak in every room, our daughter’s bedroom is always cold and damp, which requires a de humidifier 24 hours a day.

“The drain outside for the bathroom is blocked with household rubbish left by neighbours which is not collection by Sefton Council”.

“There was water leak from the flat above back in May, we are still waiting for repairs to be done. The fire brigade deactivated all the alarms following the leak and have yet to fix them”.

“When we put clothes in cupboards they come out mouldy and damp”.

“We have had our car damaged and been threatened by neighbors. The police don’t want to know either.

ots-southport-sandbrook-rearPhoto: Rubbish blocks drains

ots-southport-sandbrook-backPhoto: Damp ots-southport-sandbrook-bathPhoto: Bathroom

ots-southport-sandbrook-smoke-alarmots-sandbookway-dehumidifyerPhoto: Daughters bedroom

ots-southport-sandbrook-jeansPhoto: Mouldy jeans fresh from the cupboard


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