8 Ground floor bedroom extension ideas

If you’re looking to acquire additional space, having a bedroom extension is one way to achieve that. You can personalise your space to suit your style and taste. It’s also crucial to opt for a design that suits your budget and the type of house you have. Discover different ground-floor bedroom extension ideas that you can consider for your space.

1. Add a bathroom to your bedroom

You can improve your room’s functionality by adding a bathroom. There are different bathroom design ideas you can choose depending on the amount of space you have. You can have an en suite room, add a wet room, or even a bathtub. You can also place your bathroom next to the window so that you can enjoy the views of your outdoor garden. 

2. Let builder to incorporate huge windows

Eduard runs a building company in Streatham, https://axeconstruction.co.uk and he says that there are many benefits that you get to enjoy from having large windows in your room. Huge windows allow natural light to flow freely into your room making it look brighter and more spacious. You can also add sliding French doors for better views of your surrounding environment and more natural lighting. If you have enough space you can have a small deck linking your room and your garden. 

3. Ensure that you have adequate storage

If you have limited space, you can have an inbuilt closet or wardrobe for extra storage space in your bedroom extension. You can also opt for under-bed storage if you don’t have enough space for a closet. There’s also the option of having floating shelves to display your different decor items. This will ensure that your space looks neat. Another viable solution would be adding hanging racks for some items such as coats or bags.

4. Add mirrors to your bedroom

Adding mirrors will make your bedroom extension look bigger especially if you have limited space. They also help brighten the room especially if it’s placed adjacent to a natural light source such as a window. You can place the mirror on your closet doors if you don’t have enough space or you can also opt for a free-standing mirror.

5. Include a small office area

This would be a brilliant idea especially if you don’t have enough space to build a separate home office. You can simply add a small desk and chair that you can use as your working space when need be. You can personalise the space by adding a small rug, lamp, and some decor knick knacks. 

6. Add a reading area

If you like reading, you can add a small bookshelf and comfortable sofa on one end of the room that you can use as your reading corner. A cosy rug would be a nice addition to the space. If you don’t have enough space for a shelf, you can opt for floating shelves to store your books. You can add a small ottoman or coffee table if you have enough room.

7. Choose the right colour scheme

You should consider a colour scheme that matches your decor theme and your style. The type of colour is crucial in determining the mood you want to set for your room. Soft and subtle colours are recommended if you want to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. This can include hues such as warm white, blue, dusty pink, or beige, among others.  

8. Ensure that you have proper lighting

There are several ways that you can ensure that your ground-floor bedroom is well-lit. apart from huge windows and sliding French doors, another way to achieve proper lighting would be installing roof lights in your bedroom extension. This will also let you enjoy a beautiful starry sky at night. Another option is artificial lighting where you can have the following:

  • Recessed ceiling lighting
  • Wall-mounted lighting
  • Table or floor lamps

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