Zoe Lyons is a regular on a whole host of shows on your telly screen and no doubt you’ll have seen her as a regular on Mock The Week (BBC 2) and on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC 1) plus many more TV shows.

We’ve also lost count of the number of times people, both men and women, have said to us ‘I don’t normally like female comedians but that one was brilliant’. There can be no such fear here as Zoe Lyons is a world class act and can rival any other for sheer number and volume of laughs. No wonder then that she is an award winning comedian and a highly sought after act on both the national and international circuit. She takes a sideways view of life, picking out the many absurdities and turning them into hilarious routines which she delivers with tremendous energy creating massive waves of laughter.

 “Fizzling with hugely enjoyable and funny stories – delights any crowd”The Guardian

Ian Cognito has been banned from more comedy clubs than any other comedian in the country. Outspoken, opinionated his take on the world will have you convinced and convulsed (with laughter). As a result he’s been described as ‘the comedy equivalent of Keith Richards’ but you could just as well choose of the devil may care hell-raising rock star as he’s a funny version of all of them rock n’rolled into one! Widely regarded as one of the best comics on the national circuit, a veteran who clearly knows what he’s doing as he spits his darkly humorous vitriol over an unsuspecting but always impressed crowd. He really is a total one off and gets belly laughs all the way through his madly enjoyable rants.

“Cognito’s indignant polemic is always riveting. Share his inspired madness.” – William Cook, The Guardian

“Cognito puts them all in the shade.. Just stunning.” – Phil Daoust, The Guardian

Tom Taylor is somewhat of a one-off phenomenon on the comedy circuit with a brand of musical comedy that is smart and silly in equal measure. His style is certainly unique and he reels off an impressive stock of quirky, and very funny, musical one-liners.


Saturday 7 November 2015 – 8:00 pm
The Atkinson – Studio
£15 / £17.50 doors / £40 season ticket / £10 for groups of 10+, plus booking fee. Booking fee is £1 per ticket online/phone. A 2% credit card fee is charged for counter sales.

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