Your go-to options for picking flowers for the first ten wedding anniversaries

21st December 2023

Probably everybody is aware of that time-honored symbolics associated with wedding anniversaries, primarily based on the time being in close relationships together. But presumably, still many people don’t get the point that there is a special flower for anniversary symbolizing the atmosphere of the party. This explains that choosing blooms isn’t quite a tricky task as it may come off from the very first glance.

Whichever marriage date you are going to celebrate, be aware that this comprehensive guide we are going to share will be more than helpful for you once you seek top options while ordering anniversary flowers delivery in London. Since you’re still in search of a reliable floristry, choose My Flowers and get exceptional service. 

Choose carnations as the top pick for the first wedding anniversary party

The first wedding anniversary is a true excitement, hence you will be celebrating the first year you are in official relationships with your beloved one. Seeking something traditional, but fresh and resonant? Don’t overlook carnations. They are widely accepted as happy anniversary flowers among many young newlyweds for their symbolisation of passion, love and appreciation.

Cosmos – the classic messengers of harmony and happiness

Сosmos are broadly accepted as flowers for anniversary years, primarily when you have the second marriage date celebration. It is the period when your sweet honeymoon period is already the past-time and most families try to find a balance between their daily routines and true harmonic living together. So, picking cosmos to celebrate the silver marriage will be a gorgeous option to supplement the joyful atmosphere of the party.

Sunflowers – solid blooms for tight-knit family

When you live together with your beloved and dear one three years long already, but you are still hesitant what floral gift would be a surprising choice, focus your attention on sunflowers. These blooms are capable of conveying the meaningful message of loyalty, passion and lastingness. And moreover, many people appreciate these flowers for their bright and contrasting color combination. So, choosing sunflowers to celebrate a crucial event in your life, specifically the third marriage anniversary, you won’t be mistaken anyway. 

Geraniums – blooms that are all for harmonic unity

Once you seek the top flower to lift the spirits of your soulmate on the celebration of the fourth marriage date, try to have an eye on geraniums. These flowers for wedding anniversaries genuinely stand for the harmony and unity of the couple. Moreover, they symbolize the pure joy of being together. Geraniums are super bright and can be a good extra for your congratulation bouquet once you want to give a floral mix. 


Daisy flowers as a symbol of everlasting love and fidelity

Many floral fans appreciate daisy flowers for their simplicity and traditionality. But did you know that they are frequently the trendy option to congratulate our beloved ones with the fifth wedding anniversary? Yes, they are so magnificent while being just ordinary and non-special from the first sight, though they are totally capable of bringing surprises and high spirits. 

Express you pure feelings and intention with Calla lilies

If you are seeking that one anniversary gift flower to add in your congratulation bouquet to cherish your dearest and nearest, especially on the sixth celebration of your marriage date, don’t miss the chance to look at Calla lilies. They are recognised as the symbols of pure love and intentions, and their sophisticated colors will add some bright extra to your floral blend. So, choosing Calla lilies for the bouquet allows you to express your appreciation and deep love through the years. 

Freesia – everlasting flowers for love, trust, and friendship

Freesia are widely appreciated as scented and aromatic blossoms. However, they are highly demanded not only for these natural qualities. Indeed, they are frequently requested to celebrate the marriage date the seventh time. Frankly speaking freesia possess versatile symbolic meanings, though mainly they stand for genuine friendship and extremely deep trust. So, cherish your beloved one with an amazing freesia bouquet via flower delivery throughout the UK (see  and enjoy a happy anniversary atmosphere. 

Clematis – blooms to glorify enormously powerful unity

When you and your soulmate are married for 8 years already, you deserve to be called an extra confident and mighty couple. So, what will be the choice to glorify the eight wedding anniversary? Just look at pink or yellow clematis blooms. These magnificent and amazing flowers witness that strong connection between two loving souls. 

Poppies – the everlasting symbol of driving hope, remembrance and imagination

Being married for nine years is a good reason to experience back the events you lived together and to have a hope for much more pleasant and cherishing moments awaiting for you somewhen in the future. But what is the option to bring some magic into the celebration of your personal party? Flowers, for sure. But which ones specifically would be appropriate to enhance the atmosphere of the day? Select poppies and you will never make a mistake with your choice. Poppies are pretty well valued by many couples for the combination of their colorful, bright and stunning hues. 

Daffodils – outstanding choice for elegant and extravagant milestone celebration

When you are going to celebrate your first milestone, namely your 10th wedding anniversary, you should do it full of style and alluring decor. And daffodils here are genuine floral game-changers. Daffodils look absolutely fantastic when you mix their bright color shades along with the other fancy flowers. Moreover, specifically daffodils symbolize long family life and look extraordinary when mixed in a thoughtful blend.