Your basic guide to World Cup 2022

8th December 2022

The FIFA World Cup is unmatched when it comes to the number of top star players and total prize pool. In this most prestigious football event, the qualified men’s national football teams will compete in the hopes of becoming the champion.

Every four years, the World Cup is held and FIFA chooses the country that will host it. Due to its immense success, the FIFA World Cup not only brings the world together but also has major effects on the local communities of the country that hosts it.

For the 2022 World Cup, the decision to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar was officially announced in December 2010 and will take place from November until December. The competition was initially scheduled for the summer but was changed to the cooler winter months for the comfort of the players and viewers.

As football’s most watched event, the tournament is expected to garner millions of football fans from across the world and bring major benefits to the sports betting industry. To help you learn more about the biggest football event in Doha 2022, here is a basic guide about everything you need to know:

How to buy tickets

The ticket selling began in January 2022 through the official FIFA website. The first phase is a combination of random sales selection and follows a first come, first served basis. The second phase of ticket selling started in April 2022 with similar mechanics to the previous phase.

For those who weren’t able to buy tickets from the first and second phase, there are tickets sold before the tournaments start. However, the tickets will be limited as it is based on the available seats left.

Team favourites

With a total of 32 teams competing in the 2022 World Cup, only some countries were able to establish themselves as fan favourites thanks to their talented lineup and overall team chemistry. Some of the team favourites that are expected to win include:


Brazil’s odds to win the 2022 World Cup are extremely high due to their talented lineup. The team’s lineup consists of some of the biggest football players like Richarlison, Neymar and Casemiro. The team holds the record for the most victories in soccer history with five World Cup victories.

Despite failing to be among the top teams in the past few World Cups, Brazil is one of the most formidable teams to beat in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With a player like Neymar on the team, Brazil is set to dominate the field with the help of its other star players like Thiago Silva, Alisson, and Marquinhos.


Due to the team’s amazing performance over the past years and its players’ tenacity when playing on the field, England earned a spot in the 2022 World Cup’s top teams. The Three Lions have one of the best and strongest lineups consisting of skilled players like Bukayo Saka and Jude Bellingham.


As the defending champion of the 2018 World Cup, France has much to live up to. The team mostly kept the core players that helped them win in 2018 and since then has notably grown and improved.

One of the reasons for the team’s impeccable performance is the team’s manager Didier Deschamps. France is focused on making good use of Deschamps’s play style to pave the way to the World Cup 2022.


With Messi’s calibre of play, the team’s odds of winning the 2022 World Cup are high. The team has also notably won the 2021 Copa America. With a team full of talented players who work well together on the field, Argentina is one of the finest teams that can win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Top players of the event

All of the 32 teams have star players to boast but only a few of them made it to the list of the top players for the 2022 World Cup to watch out for. Some of these top players include:

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

When it comes to football’s best players, you can’t leave Lionel Messi out. He is one of the sport’s most talented and skilled players whom millions of fans support. Due to his impressive record and impeccable talent, fans are excited to see him contribute to Argentina’s victory in the 2022 World Cup.

Kylian Mbappe (France)

Mbappe is one of the youngest top players that took the football industry by storm. With him playing for the event’s defending champion, France’s odds to secure the event’s title is high. The 2022 World Cup is a stage for Mbappe to showcase his dribbling abilities and exceptional skill.

Neymar (Brazil)

Neymar’s injuries have not hindered his performance to bring impressive play for his team in previous tournaments. As a skilled forward for both FC Barcelona and the Brazilian National team Neymar’s dribbling, tricks and playmaking ability is a valuable asset for his team to win the 2022 World Cup title.

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