Youngster shocked after touching exposed wires at town centre car park

14th July 2020

Angry parents have complained to NCP after their young child got an electric shock from exposed live wires at a town centre car park.

A broken security keypad at the NCP car park on Tulketh Street has been smashed and live electrical wires have been exposed, causing one inquisitive youngster to receive a nasty suprise shock when they touched it.

The boy’s mother, who didn’t want to be named, said she has since raised the issue with NCP who own the car park.

She said “My poor baby was like any other child and obviously inquisitive about what the box was. I took my eye off him for a second and next thing I heard him cry out.

“He touched one of the wires and got a nasty shock. He is lucky it wasn’t more serious.

“I looked around to tell a member of staff but couldn’t find one so have written an email to NCP.

“I want to make others aware incase their children touch it. It’s clearly a hazard.”